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Your body was brilliantly designed!  NUCCA practitioners intervene only when that healthy design has been lost due to an overload of stress to the human structure.  This overload of stress will cause a compromise in the position of the bone structures at the top of the neck creating an indirect neurological deficit to the muscles that control the spine and pelvis.  This causes one side of the muscles next to the spine and pelvis to over contract creating body imbalance.

Supine Leg Check

The supine leg check is an upper cervical chiropractic examination procedure used to determine the presence of the atlas misalignment.  When the atlas misaligns it causes the muscles of the neck and back to contract more on one side than the other.  The contracted muscles cause the hips and spine to be pulled in an unbalanced position, drawing one leg "shorter" than the other.  The leg structures, meaning the bones, are not actually shorter.  The body balance control centers, located near the atlas vertebra, are causing the muscles not to work properly.  Therefore, the leg is "functioning" as if it is shorter.  

The Anatometer

The Anatometer is an instrument designed for NUCCA doctors exclusively.  This instrument allows the doctor to evaluate the patient's posture in the standing, or gravity, position.  The Anatometer provides three essential measurements to the NUCCA practitioner:  if the hips are tilted or level, if the hips are rotated, and if the patients neck or upper body is leaning to the right or left in relation to the hips.  From this the doctor can determine if the patient is initially a candidate for NUCCA care and if they need further correcting on follow-up visits.