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Dr. McCully's NUCCA Success Story

I am a walking NUCCA testimonial!  Prior to learning about the tremendous benefits of NUCCA care, I sustained a devastating low back injury involving a 15mm disc herniation.  The disc herniation caused terrible shooting pain from my low back, down the back of my right leg, all the way to my heel.  With right calf atrophy and loss of strength in my big toe my activities were limited to swimming and laying on the couch.  I looked at almost every form of traditional and alternative treatment that would keep me out of surgery.  Nine months later I literally had zero improvement and scheduled a surgical consultation.

That is when I was convinced by a NUCCA practitioner, Dr. Anni Ala, to get under her gentle care.  With nothing to lose and feeling desperate I moved forward reluctantly.  The night after my first correction my wife immediately noticed I was "different."  I explained in detail the NUCCA procedure I had gone through that day and how I already felt more improvement than any of the other approaches I had tried since the injury.  I finally was hopeful.  When I went back to Dr. Ala she took the extra time to show me my pre and post-correction images.  Looking at the change from the pre and post images, along with feeling the shift in my body, I immediately knew that I would be converting my chiropractic approach to NUCCA.  

Over the next year my body went through a whirlwind of changes; improvement followed by plateau followed by improvement, all scattered with flare-ups.  Thankfully, I was surrounded by encouraging practitioners that had their own NUCCA testimonials and had also seen thousands of patients go through similar healing cycles.  After a couple of months I began to notice that other symptoms I had developed after the injury ALSO started to improve.  Interestingly, my low back and the rest of the symptoms improved at the same rate.  My body was healing systemically.  My tremendous improvement is testimony to the profound effects that correcting an atlas misalignment can have on the body's ability to heal.  My recovery lead me to dedicate all of my professional time and energy to the NUCCA technique in an attempt to share this great experience with others!

Prior to becoming a NUCCA practitioner, I graduated from The University of New Mexico in 1999 with a bachelor's degree in Finance and then worked for the financial services firm Goldman Sachs.  While working a desk job I was unable to keep the same level of fitness that I had while playing collegiate soccer.  That is when all sorts of old injuries began to surface and I was first introduced to chiropractic.  Dr. Nathan Conroy, a childhood friend, not only helped me with my injuries but taught me the how much of a difference I could make in my community with a chiropractic degree.  Wanting to help others the way he had helped me, I changed careers and entered Life Chiropractic College West, graduating Magna Cum Laude in 2008.  I am dedicated to delivering the highest quality of NUCCA care to every individual that decides that Atlas Spinal Care is a fit for his or her health needs.